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Here you will find an equestrian coach that approaches horse training with discipline and logic, using progressive techniques that make sense to both equine and equestrian.

If an education is what you seek then look no further.

Equestrian Studies

I am currently taking on new students.

Sessions are an hour long, and are broken down as follows:

In hand sessions are dedicated to teach the language of the aids to the horse (15-30 minutes).

In the saddle sessions build upon in hand sessions to solidify understanding and communication between horse and rider (30-45 minutes).

Balance, suppleness and posture awareness are addressed during this time for both horse and rider.

Franklin Balls are used to heighten postural awareness through increased proprioception of the rider combined with the use of cognitive imagery, riders rapidly improve their suppleness and balance in the saddle.


Trish Tweddell is the owner and trainer at Eckwood Equine and is a co-founder, co-owner and learning facilitator at the Accord Equestrian Academy. She trains horses for both breeders and individuals. Trish holds a bachelors degree in Animal Science from the University of Saskatchewan and is an Equine Canada certified competition coach.

Trish began her equestrian career in 1987 at the Kilowen Pony Club in Montreal under Pamela Dillingham. Trish is a student of the World Renowned International Philippe Karl Ecole de Légèreté instructors course 2017-2020. She is honoured to be accepted into this comprehensive and progressive training philosophy that places the intelligence and dignity of the horse at its centre. The philosophy combines equestrian knowledge from the Old Masters and current science and research. Currently, she is training under Master Instructor Melanie Bulmahn.

Trish takes a holistic approach to education in horsemanship, integrating the history of equestrianism and communication techniques. She enjoys coaching students of all ages and skill levels. Trish is dedicated to facilitating a harmonious relationship between horse and rider that is sympathetic and feeling.

Through Accord Equestrian seminars, personal training and coaching, Trish is dedicated to helping students and horses build a solid foundation and continue on to higher training. Programs focus on setting goals and measuring progress towards those goals.

Trish is continually learning and inspired by each horse that she works with. She takes an openminded approach to solving problems and is astute to modify training techniques to achieve goals. She is thoughtful and strives to communicate effectively with both horse and rider.

Trish lives happily at Eckwood Farm in Olds, Alberta with her husband, Darren McInnes.

The Inner Balance


I am going to spend the next few posts on balance.  It has been a concept that seems to continually develop with me. It is a word that resonates most deeply with me. Balance from a life perspective leading into equestrianism. Striking a life balance is individual to each person. It can be as simple as …