Trish is a Franklin Method Equestrian® Pelvis Trainer, Equestrian Canada Licensed Coach, Level 2 TAGteach Educator and an Ecole de Légèreté Trainee Teacher.

Trish offers online Franklin Method Equestrian®(FME) classes Tuesday evenings. The classes focus on balance, healthy muscle tone and dynamic alignment in and out of the saddle. FME gives the rider the tools to self correct equitation, feel the horse, and to move with them.

Being a TAGteach educator; Trish offers student centred learning that uses effective communication, skill breakdown and motivated practise. This gives riders the tools to sustainably ride and train their horses.

Ecole de Légèreté Trainee Teacher, means that Trish has the knowledge of the ethology and biomechanics of the horse. Train separate hand, seat and leg cues, this clear approach allows any dedicated horse and rider to achieve the high school movements.