There is A Simpler Way…

Odds are if you have come across this post, you have already questioned some of the coaching and training methods that you may have been exposed to. You are not alone…

The Inner Balance is dedicated to presenting kind, efficient and fair methodologies in training horses and people. Equestrianism is a communication between horse and human. The development of this communication, brings joy in working with our horses that interacts and connects with us.

Research into logical and science based training practices, has deepened this connection with my horses. It is about teaching a clear and consistent language to the horse. Building this communication bridge is profound, through this understanding of the horse real communication can occur. A broad knowledge base from credible sources is a requirement!

The training process requires discipline, and is free of ideas surrounding dominance and submission. Turn to the guidance of logic and the scientific approach, by considering equine behaviour, learning theory (human and equine), neurobiology and biomechanics.

The philosophical principle of Occam’s Razor can be applied to equestrianism. When presented with two problems, the simplest solution tends to be the right one. Selecting the simplest solution comes with the least amount of assumptions. Understanding of concepts are demonstrated with clear concise and simple explanations of training principles. Open the door to harmonious interactions with your horse!

Join me on this inspirational and educational journey with our equine partners.

By Trish

Trish Tweddell has always shown creative license, confidence and ownership in her pursuits. She believes in self driven learning from a positive and disciplined perspective. She earned a BSc from the University of Saskatchewan, has travelled the world, lived in exotic places and experienced many cultures. Her training philosophy is based on animal learning theory, current equine science and knowledge of old masters.

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