Our training journey begins with Pétillant  (born: June, 21 2018) on December 26, 2018. His living arrangement is ideal for a young horse. He has claimed an enriched environment of a large forest with hills, exposure to wild animals, varied terrain, two boys to play with, sixteen well bred and dignified Murray Grey cows, and one Murray Grey bull aptly named Mr Croft. He will also be loved and respected for being a horse, training free of anthropomorphic judgments (easier said than practised). The essence of my training goals are to truly respect him for being a horse throughout training.

He has had a super foundation from the breeder, he leads, has had his hooves trimmed, and has generally been handled well for his first 6 months of life. Before being released into his new vast world, I will teach him some simple games with a target, groom him, put halter on, take halter off…bonding time. Training sessions will be short, simple and clear yet fun for us both. 

For the next two years he will grow, and gain confidence feel his body and move around as much as he can. While having weekly training sessions to teach him about life with humans. He will be trained with the principles of Equitation Science with heavy emphasis in the R+ operant conditioning quadrant. When he is 3 and ready for some light riding he will be trained in the methodology of Légèreté, great care will be taken to consider his developing and growing body. He will be given the time that he needs to mature physically and mentally. He is a horse first, it is a simple fact that will be honoured and respected throughout his time with me.

Pétillant First Trim with Annick Dallaire

First trim with his expert farrier Annick Dallaire. Annick is a major part of the team, she explains what she is doing and why. She trims horses for their own health and balance, she is astute at picking up physical imbalances in the horses by looking at their feet. She encourages me to trim my own horses and she is a fabulous teacher. The team effort is a collaboration of professionals working towards a common goal, the health and wellbeing of the horse first and foremost.

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By Trish

Trish Tweddell has always shown creative license, confidence and ownership in her pursuits. She believes in self driven learning from a positive and disciplined perspective. She earned a BSc from the University of Saskatchewan, has travelled the world, lived in exotic places and experienced many cultures. Her training philosophy is based on animal learning theory, current equine science and knowledge of old masters.

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