First Week and a Nickname

Fraser, Finn and Earl Enjoying a Morning Walk on Their Range

Fraser has stuck as a call name for Pétillant. The name Fraser is connected to my French and Scottish family roots. It is a proud name befitting of a horse of his stature. The transition to releasing him onto a quarter section of land with a pair of geldings and a herd of cattle has been smooth. He is behaving as a horse should!

It is easy to slip into the mind set that our horses are not going to make wise decisions in their environments. The desire to protect him and insulate him from experiences is strong, but this mindset is an anthropomorphic judgment stemming from fear, and would be a conflict in respecting him for being a horse.

Fraser has the best of both worlds, he approaches humans when he sees them, and can be free to explore on his own. I am fortunate that I have this option for him. I have had no problem catching him or grooming him, that is, once I find him in his forested range. Needless to say, I am off to a good start on my exercise program for 2019!

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By Trish

Trish Tweddell has always shown creative license, confidence and ownership in her pursuits. She believes in self driven learning from a positive and disciplined perspective. She earned a BSc from the University of Saskatchewan, has travelled the world, lived in exotic places and experienced many cultures. Her training philosophy is based on animal learning theory, current equine science and knowledge of old masters.

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