I am going to spend the next few posts on balance.  It has been a concept that seems to continually develop with me. It is a word that resonates most deeply with me. Balance from a life perspective leading into equestrianism. Striking a life balance is individual to each person. It can be as simple as finding a balance between work and holiday time, or to the literal meaning of being able to stand on one leg, as an example. To a deeper quest of being a balanced person spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, emotionally and socially. Striking a balance in these areas of my life will enhance my time spent training horses to tolerating the bustle of life outside my serene farm. Balance is at the root of harmony. Without balance in its simplest form the horse is unable to perform the high school movements with lightness. Without balance in its more complex form we are unable to teach the horse high school movements in lightness. How we achieve balance in the ridden horse is a complicated process that requires thought, skill and an understanding of the biomechanics of the horse. It is our job as horse trainers to have an understanding of these concepts so that training can be logical and attainable. The next post will go deeper into how to begin to train your horse how to balance.

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