Saliczar (Sandakan x Rotspon x Londonderry) 2012 Canadian Warmblood Gelding

Czar is an intelligent, sensitive, sensible and curious horse. His conformation is correct with an elegant neck, nicely developed top line, straight legs and strong hooves. He shows an uphill tendency, a desire to self carry, with talent to collect. His walk is fluid and ground covering. His trot shows natural swing and elasticity. His canter is balanced, powerful, uphill and adjustable. He shows three exceptionally powerful, supple and relaxed gaits. He is forward thinking, attentive, safe and simple to ride. He is people oriented and is a pleasure to handle on the ground and loves to be groomed. He is a product of an exceptional breeding program, he truly is a once in a life time kind of horse. He has been training in the school of legerete, so he has a relaxed and calm attentiveness to the contact and self carriage. Czar lives outside year round with a group, he is in the middle of the social hierarchy, he goes barefoot. He can do all the lateral work (shoulder-in, travers, renvers, half pass) at the walk and trot and beginning in the canter. He is developing walk to canter transitions, 10 meter circles and some lateral work in the canter. He has been ridden outside exclusively, he is attentive and confident to be outdoors He hacks out alone or with a group. Most of his early schooling has been strength training to give his body time to grow and mature. Saliczar has a solid foundation in the basics and has been taught to look to his rider for direction. He is an exceptionally talented young horse that has had a fantastic start. He is the product of a thoughtful breeding and training program, he is at the perfect age to continue his training with an amateur rider who is looking to continue to learn and develop a horse to the high school. $65,000 More Information