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Convenient Daily Classes

I have been an Eckwood Elite member for over two years. What an incredible transformation the Franklin Method Equestrian has brought to my riding and overall well-being. In the last two years my co-ordination has drastically improved. I feel more youthful and confident in the saddle. 

Go from zero to hero for your horse, with consistent convenient daily classes.

~ Eileen W.

Elite Membership Flexible and Positive

Franklin Method Equestrian as presented by Trish Tweddell in Elite Membership is a game changer for me. I have improved my understanding of anatomy and learned tools for better function, less tension and more harmony in the saddle. Working with the Franklin balls in particular has reduced some of my asymmetries and improved my position. I really like that the exercises and embodiments are tailored for riders and provide both a physical and a mental workout that can be as gentle or as rigorous as I choose. Not one size fits all – lots of variations to select from. The platform is flexible enough to easily fit into my schedule. Trish herself is a very engaging and positive instructor. Great program!

~ Linda W.

Riding Simulator was Therapeutic!

After my simulator session I headed off to ride my live horses, and noticed how wonderfully relaxed and loose my body felt; free of the tension and pain that I chronically hold. The session, therefore, was not just a fabulous experience in feeling and learning, but also therapeutic. I can hardly wait for the next lesson!

~ Susan L.