What People Are Saying

“Franklin Method Equestrian as presented by Trish Tweddell in Elite Membership is a game changer for me. I have improved my understanding of anatomy and learned tools for better function, less tension and more harmony in the saddle. Working with the Franklin balls in particular has reduced some of my asymmetries and improved my position. I really like that the exercises and embodiments are tailored for riders and provide both a physical and a mental workout that can be as gentle or as rigorous as I choose. Not one size fits all – lots of variations to select from. The platform is flexible enough to easily fit into my schedule. Trish herself is a very engaging and positive instructor. Great program!” -Linda W.

“Why can’t my horses do shoulder-in left? Why can’t I get my right seat bone on the saddle? Why do I struggle with canter on the right lead? Wait! What if it’s not my horses? Could I be the issue? Could I be the one causing all the crookedness? So began my journey with FME. Trish is a certified FME educator and has been the catalyst to my transformation. I love learning about my body, where all the muscles, ligaments and tendons are located. Improving my proprioception and co-ordination. The more I study and practice, the more I see improvements in my straightness, balance and strength.  It’s been a game changer and the horses love it too!” -Eileen W.

“Trish is offering an incredible program with the Franklin Method Equestrian Elite Membership group. The way she has brought the Franklin Method to life with her students is really enlightening and her commitment to creating and delivering new content consistently is truly remarkable. She is eager to learn and determined to successfully pass all of her insights along. One of the most notable things Trish has brought to her community is the ability to translate her vast understanding of the human body and biomechanics into solutions for your body and your horse. I’m always eager to tune in and connect whether it’s for a minute or a full session to be able to reap the benefits of the combination of yoga, mindfulness, and equine strategies that Trish has to share.” -Sarah M.

“The Franklin Method that Trish teaches, is the ONLY exercise program that worked for me. After triple spinal surgeries, I was very compromised, but it helped me get back on my horse, and I am now riding again! If you have mobility problems, this is the program for you! Thanks Trish!” -Steph C.