What People Are Saying

What Riders Are Saying About Eckwood Rider Biomechanics Courses and Memberships

Incredible Transformation

I have been an Eckwood Elite member for over two years. What an incredible transformation the Franklin Method Equestrian has brought to my riding and overall well-being. In the last two years my co-ordination has drastically improved. I feel more youthful and confident in the saddle. 

Go from zero to hero for your horse, with consistent convenient daily classes.

~ Eileen W.

Excellent Program

The riding retreat last weekend was a great experience for me and my horse, it couldn’t have been better. Your program was excellent and I learned a lot, I will incorporate into my riding going forward. And this is not to forget the delicious meals you provided. I hope to be a regular retreat participant!

~ Pam K.

Breathing Imagery

Some of the embodiments that I have found particularly helpful include:

-visualizing the xiphoid process at the bottom of the sternum as a “cat door” and using that to turn my torso the direction I want to travel. This has really helped set up everything from my shoulders, through my ribcage and spine to help guide my horse effectively in the direction I want to travel.

~ Tamara T.

Back To Riding

The Franklin Method that Trish teaches, is the ONLY exercise program that worked for me. After triple spinal surgeries, I was very compromised, but it helped me get back on my horse, and I am now riding again! If you have mobility problems, this is the program for you! Thanks Trish! 

~ Steph C.

Knowledge & Passion

I am so grateful to Trish for her guidance and support on my journey. She is knowledgeable, passionate and clearly communicates in her teachings. I find her visuals and teaching style very “user friendly” and she is always happy to clarify and answer questions. I am so grateful for her dedication to continuing education and support of para equestrians. I truly believe I’ve become a better equestrian thanks to Eckwood Equestrian and the Franklin Method.

~ Tamara T.

Simulator Session Therapeutic

After my simulator session I headed off to ride my live horses, and noticed how wonderfully relaxed and loose my body felt; free of the tension and pain that I chronically hold. The session, therefore, was not just a fabulous experience in feeling and learning, but also therapeutic. I can hardly wait for the next lesson

~ Susan L.

Breathing Affects the Seat

BREATHING – this is an ongoing life lesson for me! It helps so much to think of the diaphragm as the “top” of the pelvic floor as this really helps me be mindful of my breathing and its effect on my seat. I have found that breath work has carried over into all areas of my life, not just riding.

~ Tamara T.

Physical and Mental Workouts

Franklin Method Equestrian as presented by Trish Tweddell in Elite Membership is a game changer for me. I have improved my understanding of anatomy and learned tools for better function, less tension and more harmony in the saddle. Working with the Franklin balls in particular has reduced some of my asymmetries and improved my position. I really like that the exercises and embodiments are tailored for riders and provide both a physical and a mental workout that can be as gentle or as rigorous as I choose. Not one size fits all – lots of variations to select from. The platform is flexible enough to easily fit into my schedule. Trish herself is a very engaging and positive instructor. Great program!

~ Linda W.

Horses Love it Too!

Why can’t my horses do shoulder-in left? Why can’t I get my right seat bone on the saddle? Why do I struggle with canter on the right lead? Wait! What if it’s not my horses? Could I be the issue? Could I be the one causing all the crookedness? So began my journey with FME. Trish is a certified FME educator and has been the catalyst to my transformation. 

I love learning about my body, where all the muscles, ligaments and tendons are located. Improving my proprioception and co-ordination. The more I study and practice, the more I see improvements in my straightness, balance and strength.  It’s been a game changer and the horses love it too!

~ Eileen W.

New Level of Freedom

Some of the embodiments that I have found particularly helpful include:

-the pelvis moving as a wheel has really helped me stay mindful about following the motion of my horse, particularly in canter. My instinct is to hold tension and brace rather than follow the motion. Envisioning the halves of the pelvis as a wheel has really helped me soften and relax rather than grip through my hip flexor. Amazingly this unlocks a whole new level of freedom in my horse’s movement when I am not holding in this area.

~ Tamara T.

Reap the Benefits of The Elite Membership

Trish is offering an incredible program with the Franklin Method Equestrian Elite Membership group. The way she has brought the Franklin Method to life with her students is really enlightening and her commitment to creating and delivering new content consistently is truly remarkable. She is eager to learn and determined to successfully pass all of her insights along. One of the most notable things Trish has brought to her community is the ability to translate her vast understanding of the human body and biomechanics into solutions for your body and your horse. I’m always eager to tune in and connect whether it’s for a minute or a full session to be able to reap the benefits of the combination of yoga, mindfulness, and equine strategies that Trish has to share.

~ Sarah M.

Best Weekend Retreat

Enjoyed a great Franklin Method Equestrian workshop and retreat with Trish Tweddell at Eckwood Equestrian this weekend! Always inspiring and rewarding Trish, thanks for continuing to build our tool box of horse knowledge! Oh, and then there was your delicious meals and generous hospitality to top off each day!

~ Colleen H.

Reduce Pain Maximize Energy

I am a lifelong equestrian and Grade V paradressage rider. I have had the privilege of working with Eckwood Equestrian under the guidance of Trish over the past few years. I have attended several Franklin Method Equestrian simulator clinics with both my father and my teen son as well as following the online Advanced and Elite programs. Introducing the Franklin Method has been a game changer in my riding journey. I have found that it has been critical to learn how to use my body mindfully in an anatomically correct way to minimize wear and tear to my joints. This has helped reduce pain as well as maximize my energy use.

~ Tamara T.