About Trish

What are your life goals? Mine are to be able to ride & care for my horses when I am 90 years old. I am in training everyday for this. The Franklin Method Equestrian is the perfect system that will set me up for success in this life endeavour.

Trish is an Equine Canada Certified Competition Coach & Licenced Coach, has completed an apprenticeship with a Canadian Olympic Equestrian and is a Canadian Pony Club Alumna. Currently, she delivers Equestrian Workshops, Clinics and Events Locally and Nationally. Being a Level 2 TAGteach educator; Trish offers student centred learning that uses effective communication, skill breakdown and motivated practise. This gives riders the tools to sustainably ride and train their horses.

She earned a BSc from the University of Saskatchewan, has travelled the world, lived in exotic places and experienced many cultures.

As the only Licensed Franklin Method Equestrian 3* Trainer in Western Canada she can walk riders through embodiments, imagery, simple anatomy and movements that increase awareness and develop feel.

Trish specializes in equitation, human movement and function. It takes a team to get our horses in top form. Add an equitation specialist to your team. Blocks in equitation, such as bouncing in the saddle, tension in the contact (to name a few) can hold back overall training. 

My membership programs offer riders targeted exercises in specific areas of balance, alignment, muscle strength, coordination, mobility and feel. 

Don’t waste valuable time of your coach teaching equitation skills. Get your coach to train you and your horse specific movements, jumping, and preparing you to rise the levels. 

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