About Trish

Trish is an Equine Canada Certified Competition Coach & Licenced Coach, has completed an apprenticeship with a Canadian Olympic Equestrian and is a Canadian Pony Club Alumna. Currently, she delivers Equestrian Workshops, Clinics and Events Locally and Nationally.

She earned a BSc from the University of Saskatchewan, has travelled the world, lived in exotic places and experienced many cultures.

Trish focuses on training horses in a way that creates harmony and trust. This way of training holds the horses nature, their health wellbeing and welfare at it’s heart.

Trish is an equitation specialist, she understands the biomechanics of equitation. She can easily assist riders with their equitation. As a Franklin Method Equestrian Level 1 Trainer she can walk riders through embodiments, simple anatomy, and movements that increase awareness and develop feel. Take your riding in a sustainable direction.