Trish offers a progressive, collaborative and supportive approach to Training Your Horse.


What to Expect in a Lesson: Hour long training sessions are broken down between time spent in hand and under saddle. The basics are broken down into clear and simple training cues. Care is taken to teach both horse and rider a progressive and sustainable training style, where relaxation and self carriage are taught from the beginning. 

Trish’s positive teaching style encourages self driven learning. Concepts are introduced, then broken down and marked using positive language.

Trish is a Franklin Method Equestrian® Pelvis & Breathing Educator, she assists riders to correct equitation through increased proprioception. Proper equitation allows the rider to deliver clear, consistent and simple cues to the horse.

Students progress is tracked. Homework and session reports are emailed to each student after each session to keep study and learning on track.

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