The Individual Rider

90 Day Personal Training Program. In depth rider biomechanics coaching to make quick gains in your riding. With Franklin Method® Equestrian and Train Your Seat™️ 4* Trainer Trish Tweddell.

Individual Rider Package Includes:

  • Two hours of simulator time. First session for a baseline assessment, then a final session to record changes and progress.
  • Three hours of unmounted online coaching, split up into half hour or hour sessions. Meeting time to discuss progress, answer questions, workout together, embodied anatomy class, proprioception training session or coordination class. This unmounted meeting time is specific to your needs and schedule.
  • Two Webinars of your choice.

90 Day Personal Training Package Value $699

Tried online training programs but find it hard to stay motivated and keep up with the exercises? Develop motivation and the habit of regular strength training by working closely with Trish (4* Franklin Method® Equestrian & Train Your Seat Trainer) for the next 90 days.

Been to the physiotherapist, but find it difficult to make time to do exercises? If you are already working with a physiotherapist, the addition of this program will assist you in staying on track with exercises and connect the unmounted program into the saddle.

Tired and frustrated of asymmetries in the saddle impeding your progress? The Individual Rider Program gets to the root of the problem so that you can move past these imbalances.

Leave imbalances behind, stay motivated and on track. I will be your personal trainer for the next 90 days.