Riding Simulator Sessions

Have an area of your posture in the saddle that you have been trying to “fix” for a while?

Check the schedule below to sign up for the next simulator session.

Are you hearing the same comments and cues from the Judges or your Coach?

Or, it’s just a little “imbalance” somewhere that you can’t quite pin point?

Sign up for a simulator session. Value $210 for an hour session

The racewood simulator is an amazing tool that allows riders to focus entirely on themselves. Riders feel and correct specific areas of imbalance within the body in a relaxed and efficient manner. When combined with the Franklin Method® Equipment feel and awareness are enhanced to a deeper level and changes can be made quickly.

Working with a Franklin Method® Equestrian and Train Your Seat™️ Trainer gives you deeper insight how to strength train, feel, image, and work towards symmetry, balance, alignment and efficient posture in the saddle. The student centred approach leaves riders with an understanding of how their body is functioning biomechanically and gives them the tools to self correct.

Already advanced with using the Franklin Method Equipment in the saddle? 

Sessions are collaborative. 

Specific Franklin Ball and Band placement curated to your equitation needs.